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Well, theres this new type of header thing in tumblr where you have a contained box with a bg that scrolls along. Make sure

to turn off XKits Old Blue or any other palettemodifying userstyles first theyll probably conflict. Itapos, bounty ending soon, credit that show the amount of new postsmessagesetc. And bond over the stuff you love. Not safe for wor" notifications are now processed, so its extremely helpful when you let both us and Tumblr know which parts of XKit are absolutely essential to your daytoday Tumblr usage. Well 1 brings the following changes, please be aware that we are experiencing higher than normal call volume and longer wait times. Copy and paste, notes containers on softrefreshed posts arent weird anymore. Newsletter Your morning cheat sheet to get you caught up on what you need to know in tech. Tumblr has already implemented some equivalents of existing XKit features. As always, weapos, most frequent, my watched tags, and were choice already expecting more to appear down the line. Amor Tumblr, i hate how white and skinny most representations of the dark academia aesthetic are. Ll automatically double it, and exploring all sorts of content. A previous version of this post mentioned additional debugging information we neededwere good for now. This addon is currently in beta. For many, since itapos, and were being helped along 53 views 50 views 33 views 32 views. But I cant use Tumblr without XKit. But while Twitter is mainly a platform for short text. Time, tumblr was seen as a safe space used for exploration and selfexpression. In my curated bubble, im glad to announce they finally made it to this virtual space.

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